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52 Qualities of An Ideal Husband – 1960s Style

Earlier this week I was given a little treasure trove of archives from the 1960s youth clubs. One of the first things I read was a magazine entitled “The Bear” produced by the Kingshurst Youth Club. A number of girls had listed the qualities they would look for in an ideal husband:

Girl 1

My ideal future husband must be or be prepared to be:-

  1. not smoke.
  2. not drink alcohol or spirits.
  3. like tinned or frozen foods.
  4. like motor cars and be willing to buy me one.
  5. like watching Coronation Street and Emergency Ward 10.coronation street
  6. must be willing to be married to a lady copper.
  7. must work hard and save harder.
  8. must pronounce “h’s” correctly.
  9. must bath at least once a week.
  10. must have a great trust in wife.
  11. must wear clothes of his wife’s choosing.
  12. not go out without wife’s permission.
  13. must be willing to come from work to take her to the dentist.
  14. must go into fish and chip shops when wife does not want to.
  15. must not swear in access of wife.
  16. must remove all insects from the room before wife enters.
  17. must change his socks regularly.
  18. must try to put the rollers in the back of wife’s hair.
  19. must be faithful to his wife.
  20. must detest all dancing and music.
  21. must have moderately round-toed shoes.

Girl 2

My ideal husband:-

  1. must buy me anything I want or require and pay all the bills.
  2. must be intelligent, good looking, tall and have brown eyes.
  3. must be clean and change his socks each day and must not change them in front of his wife.
  4. must be faithful and loving to his wife even if a luscious blonde walks in the room.
  5. must have a bath every Friday night.
  6. must have a day off when the wife wants to go out.
  7. must not wear pale blue jeans.
  8. must not swear in front of his wife and if he feels the urge he must go down to the bottom of the garden and do it.
  9. must make a cup of tea in the morning and fetch a drink of water when I feel thirsty even in the middle of the night.

Girl 3

My ideal husband:-hair

  1. must be cleanly shaven.
  2. must have a good kind nature.
  3. must help with the housework.
  4. must not drink or smoke, if so only in moderation.
  5. must be hard working.
  6. be intelligent.
  7. must share my interests e.g. dancing.
  8. must wash my hair and roller it.
  9. must get my breakfast on Sunday morning.

Girl 4

My ideal husband – wanted a spouse with a reasonable age and with the following qualifications:-

  1. must have blond hair and blue eyes.
  2. must keep up with fashion.
  3. must be clean shaven.
  4. must help wife always and not be a hinderance.
  5. must smoke in moderation (1 drag a day).
  6. must not go to pubs every night (because I shall be there).
  7. be intelligent and not swear in access of wife.
  8. must share his wife’s interests.
  9. must help with the washing up.
  10. must love children and be prepared to change their nappies and clear up the sickness when the children are sick on the floor.
  11. must get the wife Sunday breakfast in bed and every morning a cup of tea in bed.
  12. must be prepared to buy his wife the clothes of the moment no matter what price they are.
  13. must not be mean with money.
  14. must cherish his wife and love her devotingly and be always faithful.
  15. must be prepared to wear fashionable suits when his wife says.
  16. must change his socks every day so that a socky odour does not drift around the house.
  17. must always be prepared to talk to his wife when he comes from work instead of falling asleep in the chair even if he’s dead-beat or reading the paper in the armchair.
  18. must try to keep his temper even if his wife loses hers.
  19. must have an E-Type Jaguar or any other means of transport whether it be a soap box or not.

Girl 5

My ideal husband:-

Some one with Richard Burton’s good looks and Alfred Mark’s very good sense in the handling of women.

Must be of Paul McCartney or James Bond’s loving nature.



Do these girls really think that such a male can be found anywhere, if he was found they would very soon be in the divorce courts on the grounds of boredom.

We would welcome boys’ ideas on the ideal wife.




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