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Published on June 26th, 2014 | by admin


British Mud Week June 23rd – 29th 2014

It sometimes seems that there’s an awareness week for everything and British Mud Week seems to confirm this. So, it’s time to put on your wellies, splash about in puddles and make the most of the great outdoors thanks to a week celebrating a real British institution. Mud.

The first ever British Mud Week will be held from June 23-29, coinciding with the biggest mudfest of them all, Glastonbury. But while tens of thousands of music lovers will be braving the conditions at the much-loved music festival in Somerset, others are being encouraged to grab a buddy and get muddy themselves.

 Here’s a list of 10 mad and muddy ideas to help you get involved in British Mud Week and show your children that playing outside can be just as much fun as being indoors on the computer.

1. Mud Run

If you’re a particularly tough mud enthusiast you could take part in a gruelling obstacle course near you.

2. Wellies to Work

Get the office involved with ‘Wellies to work’. Have everyone come into work wearing their Wellington boots and collect donations for a charity of your choice.

3. The Great British Mud Bake-Off

Spend a day baking Mississippi mud pie inspired treats and then host your own mud tuck shop.

4. Charity Car Wash

Everybody’s car gets muddy and not everyone has time to clean them. But a car wash can actually be a lot of fun, so get a group together and get scrubbing.

5. Mud Make-Up

Treat yourself to a mud facial mask. Mud masks detox the skin, help clean out pours and make skin look healthier.

6. Mud Walk

Go by yourself, with a friend, with your children or with your pets and take a walk through your local park, woods or fields.

7. Mud Treasure Hunt

Take some treasure and bury it in the ground. Draw a treasure map, give it to your children or a friend and get them to dig in the dirt until they find it.

8. Mud Sculptures

With the right amount of water mud can be moulded into shape and used to create mud sculptures. With a little imagination who knows what you could end up making.

9. Mud Painting

Mud has many uses, but one thing you might not have known it be used for is painting. Find out how to make mud paint here,

10. Dig for Worms

Digging for worms might sound a little strange but you’ll be surprised at how fascinated children can be by the wriggly little creatures. Get digging and see who can collect the most.

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