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Published on July 13th, 2014 | by Bill Dargue


Castle Bromwich Bellringers Youth Report

Look to! Trebles’ going! She’s gone!

What on earth are we talking about? Ask our youngest bellringers –

A Mars a day helps you work, rest – and ring!

When we first came to bell ringing at Castle Bromwich, we were SCARED! The thought of that half-tonne bell swinging above our heads was daunting, but we were met with a friendly welcome.

As we started learning to ring, we were apprehensive. We were bombarded with strange numbers that the ringers shouted at each other, but once they explained it to us. it was actually quite simple.

At this point we were a bit more confident until we found out about the ringers’ rule which is: “For every fault we owe a pint of beer.” This isn’t applicable to us as we are not old enough to buy beer, but the total now stands at 148½ pints!

But on a serious note – although the bells at Castle Bromwich need some repairs doing to them, they are great fun to ring. They’ve been rung for almost 300 years or more, passed from generation to generation. But we hope to keep them ringing for much longer, as we are the younger generation . . .

When we’re not ringing, in our spare time we go digging  . . .   By this we mean that we have been planting bulbs in tribute to the woman who had our bells recast in 1952, Lucy Williams. We planted the bulbs on her grave exactly 61 years later.

We all like the Mars bars advert with the monks ringing the bells when they’ve all eaten Mars bars. Mars bars are famous among bell ringers and they are our motivation – that and making a very loud noise in Castle Bromwich!

Written by the youngest ringers at Castle Bromwich church – Chris, Mitchel and Vicky

(So what does it mean – Look to! Trebles’ going! She’s gone! ?
Look to! – means ‘Bellringers, pay attention!’
Trebles’ going! – The first bell is about to be rung, so get ready.
She’s gone! – Dong!)

You can find more information on the bellringers’ website –

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Bill Dargue has been ringing the bells of St Mary & St Margaret's church in Castle Bromwich for over 30 years. He's one of the Castle Bromwich Bell Restoration Project trustees (Registered Charity 1155131) aiming to celebrate the tercentenary of the bell installation by setting the bells in good order for the next 300 years.

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