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Published on October 7th, 2012 | by admin


Crackdown on Metal Thieves

crack down on metal theivesSolihull Council has joined with West Midlands Police to crackdown on metal thieves. Nearly 400 metal bins across the borough have been security marked as part of crack down on metal theft.

The Council has two metal marking ‘guns’ which have so far been used on 380 bins as well as other metal items such as drain and manhole covers.

Replacing and repairing stolen metal currently costs the Council around £25,000 per year. By security marking metal items, the Council hopes to deter thieves and make it harder for any stolen metal to be sold on.

The guns will also be made available through roadshows organised by neighbourhood police teams for local people to use to mark private property such as lead roofs, gardening tools and farm equipment in order to assist with the crackdown on metal thieves.

The Council is also  looking at ways to ‘design out’ metal thefts by finding alternatives to metal such as plastic drain covers.

Cabinet Member for Community Safety Councillor Mrs Diana Holl-Allen said: “Not only does metal theft have a financial cost which the Council can ill afford; it also causes disruption to the day to day lives of residents. We hope that by security marking our metal items alongside our other joint work with the police, we will make Solihull a ‘no go’ zone for metal thieves.”

Chief Superintendent Sally Bourner said: “Members of the public can really help us to not only prevent metal theft, but all types of crime, by property marking their valuables or registering them online at


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