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How should disused bowls area in Meriden Park be used?

Feel Good Family are running a consultation for Solihull Council and need your help:

We need your help! Your Council would like your views on to what to do with the now disused bowls area in Meriden Park. Unfortunately the council will no longer be able to operate it as a bowling green. However, there is a small pot of money available to develop the land for project/s with a lower cost.
They have asked Feel Good Family to hold a number of local events to find out about your ideas on how to use this space. Whatever project is developed needs your support to make it a success.
Suggestions for the land received to date include:

Learn to grow – support to enable local people to learn how grow their own produce/plants in small spaces at home or in communal spaces
French Boules
Wild flower garden to attract bees and birds
Nesting & feeding site to attract birds
Herb garden
Tai Chi and meditation area (simple meditative exercises to martial art)
Seats to sit and relax

There is enough room on the land to host a number of your ideas. We would also want to know your thoughts on opening times, dogs allowed, school access and so on.

Share your ideas by  popping into the You+ shop or


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One Response to How should disused bowls area in Meriden Park be used?

  1. S WILLIAMS says:

    Many people wanted the area used as an agility dog area.
    I personally contacted the council about this idea and never got a response.
    I would seriously like to know who is currently responsible for the disgusting state that this once nice piece of public area gas now become. Who the hell is responsible for ripping up the perfectly sound path around the edge?
    Who is keeping it locked up?

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