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Published on September 17th, 2011 | by admin


Nusiance Bike Complaints Down After Police Operation

SOLIHULL Police have reported a marked drop in complaints about nuisance biking in Meriden Park following an operation to target offenders.

Throughout the summer, local neighbourhood officers teamed up with specialist West Midlands off-road police bikers to run a series of action days to catch anti-social riders and seize vehicles.

Plain-clothed ‘spotters’ patrolled the park, plus Cole Valley, and radioed any illegal biking through to police bikers who then gave pursuit off the beaten track.

And the tactics have proved a big success.

During the first five months of the year Solihull Police received 32 reports of problem biking – but during the summer months, historically the worst for off-road bike related offences, only four complaints were made by local residents.

In total, police ran eight day-long operations during June, July and August – five bikes were seized, with one later being crushed, whilst the others were returned to their owners who were warned about future behaviour.

Chelmsley Wood Neighbourhood Police Team Sergeant Mark Cowl, said: “The town’s Residents’ Association highlighted anti-social biking in Meriden Park and Cole Valley as a priority…we’ve acted on their concerns and the result is significantly fewer reports from the public.

“Improved weather tends to see a rise in anti-social biking riders of mini-moto’s and quad-bikes tearing up parkland and disturbing residential estates. So to receive only four calls over the summer shows the operation was a real success.”

And Sgt Cowl warned that anyone caught runs the risk of having their bike crushed and being banned from driving.

“We won’t hesitate to seize bikes and crush them if we believe that’s in the best interest of the community,” he added.

“Courts can also disqualify offenders from driving any vehicle…that’s a damaging long-term consequence for the short-term thrill of using a mini-moto.

“Often we find it’s young males riding these bikes who have little or no driving experience. The thrill of the activity means they take risks…they are a danger not just to families and walkers who use open spaces but also to themselves.

“Many of these miniature bikes don’t comply with road traffic rules – and therefore can’t be taxed or insured – so they can only be ridden on private land. Unless your garden runs to several acres, or you’ve a very accommodating landowner nearby, you won’t be able to ride them legally.”

Members of the public are encouraged to report incidents of anti-social off-road biking to Solihull Police on 0345 113 5000.

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